The Ferrous CNC

An All-Steel DIY CNC Router

I designed and built this router to help with prototyping robotics. If you are feeling brave, and really like the design, here's the materials I created. Please be aware that I reserve certain rights to these designs.

PCB Height Probing Routine

Want to see how I coded the height probing as a starting point for your own system?

PCB Height Probe Code

Kickstarter Possibility

If you'd like to be able to order a kit of the cut and bent steel, or of the electronics, or of the entire router, or even a pre-welded router, leave a comment on the YouTube video indicating your interest. If there's a reasonable amount of interest I will set up a kickstarter and see if enough people want kits to make it financially viable. Approximate cost of a fully welded and painted kit, ready for assembly with all ballscrews and electronics would be about USD$3000. Router has a working area of 840mm x 840mm x 150mm.

6-axis GRBL for the Arduino Mega - Link to the open source GRBL library.
If you edit defaults.h to use these settings:
#define CPU_MAP_2560_RAMPS_BOARD
Then you'll get these pinouts:

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