About Whitman Technological

“For the benefit of all, we create new technologies that will become frameworks to power the future. It’s our privilege to fuse our individual talents, embrace our own imperfections, and produce inspired and elegant solutions. Stewards of this miraculous and fragile reality, we are innovators elemental.”

Who are we?

We’re technology professional that are extremely passionate about our work. We love to solve complex problems. We build software for people, with the hope that everyone that will be affected by our systems will find that impact to be simple, understandable, useful and elegant. We want even the most distant echoes from our systems to resound of simplicity, to reveal the raw and essential truth of our reality. We try to think of any problem from as many angles as possible, often with the help of direct input from many people, so that our solutions will be as comprehensive and useful as possible.

What do we do?

We build software and play with any type of technology we can find. Our business revolves around the sale and support of our loan and lease servicing and management software, Moneylender Professional. We also offer services in conjunction with Moneylender, such as our AutoPay service. AutoPay enables borrowers to connect to their loans over the internet to set up recurring and one-time payments with their lenders.

We really want to stay on top of the advancing waves of technology that sweep across humanity. We research and review what is published to see how other people are solving problems large and small. We look at the experiments and prototypes that others have attempted, in software and hardware technologies. We develop our own prototype and experimental hardware and software systems in order to gain hands-on experience with the latest technologies.

Why do we do it?

We believe every person has something to offer the world. In one way or another, every human being will have an impact on the society and the Earth. We want to use the things that make us unique to build a better future, to simplify peoples’ lives, to solve problems, to erase complications and hurdles. As temporary creatures, we want to leave something behind in this world that reflects our unique spark, that reflects our genuine empathy and identification with our fellows. We see clearly that life is finite and we intend to make the most of our time. We see that thoughtfulness of others is vastly more rewarding than thoughtfulness of self. Our actions are purposely taken to enable others to achieve more and struggle less. Our reward is to be useful in life.

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